Why We Do What We Do

In this crazy fast paced culture that we live, it's easy to have our time sucked away by the busyness of our lives. Before we know it, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and then another year has gone. For most of us, time has become as precious as money, and both are often hard to come by.

The reality of this hit home for my husband and I a few years ago. It was as if we woke up one day and realized that it was only a few short years before our oldest, precious child would be leaving us for college and beyond. Time had been going by so quickly, and we didn’t even realize it. If we weren't running here, then we were running there. Work, school functions, kids sports - it was always something. That's when we decided to start making vacations more of a priority than a luxury. Now, our vacation time has become a blessed escape from the crazy busy lifestyles we have come to call "normal". It’s a time for us to relax and reconnect with the people that matter most in our lives. A time when we can share an adventure together and make memories that will bring us pleasure long after the trip ends.

Then a few years ago, my career plans came to a dramatic crossroad. My husband and I had to make the difficult decision to close a business, which we owned for many years. After that heart wrenching experience, I decided I was too old to keep working just for a paycheck. I wanted my work to be rewarding and productive. I wanted my work to have some positive impact on other people. I wanted to do something I can be passionate about; something I really love. I thought about a few different options, but I think I always knew there was really only one thing for me - travel.

Now, I am blessed to have a business that allows me truly love what I do. To me, my client's are so much more than just another reservation. I enjoy getting to know them on a personal level and helping them plan that precious vacation time with family and friends. I take serious my responsibility for planning each client's vacation, just as if it we my own. For me, there is nothing better than getting an email with a client picture and note about how much they enjoyed their time away. I love every aspect of what I do and thank God everyday that I get to do it.

The Svitek Family